Edmund Ohlendorf

Mr. Ohlendorf is a geography, history and politics teacher at Merian Vocational School in Freiburg i. Brsg. / Germany. He is a school inspector ("Fachberater") of the Regional School Administration Freiburg ("Oberschulamt Freiburg") for the subjects he teaches. Since 1992 Mr. Ohlendorf is heading the International Projects Department of IWB e.V. on a part time basis and has co-ordinated many transnational student exchange and pilot projects. Recent professional interests include the introduction of the use of new information technologies (Internet/WWW) and multimedia in schools in Baden-Württemberg as well as the introduction of new ways of teaching and learning, in particular, project and cross-curricular teaching ("fächerübergreifender Unterricht und projektorientierter Unterricht"). In his vacations (which are getting shorter and shorter every year...) he likes to travel especially to Spain were he once spent two years in Barcelona as a University of Freiburg research assistant.

This picture shows Edmund while trying to promote the use of the Internet for teaching and learning purposes in a European context - especially while trying it in schools in the Südbaden area.

You can reach Edmund by E-Mail at ohlendorf@merian.fr.bw.schule.de.

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