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The COMCULT-network comprises as partners schools and other educational institutions of 10 European countries (DE, GR, ES, IT, NL, UK, BG, CY, HU und PL), in addition there are about 40 associated member institutions. The network tries to identify those social and political values that are necessary for a peaceful coexistence in Europe as a value-oriented community.

• What should these values be?

• Who is to teach these values?

• What are the obstacles to a common consensus of values?

• How can these obstacles be removed?

These questions are supposed to answer through an intercultural dialogue between Christians, Muslims, Jews and non-believers.

The dialogue will be conducted on three levels. On the first level teachers in co-operation with external advisers from universities and research institutes will develope suitable teaching material.

On a second level these teaching materials will be tested in schools by a field study, in three different ways:

• as traditional teacher-oriented or group teaching

• as cross-subject and Internet-supported teaching

• as Internet-mediated project teaching in order to develope a common product.

With the help of specially designed tests the partners want to discover which teaching method seems best to impart the contents of an intercultural dialogue and a value oriented education.

On a third level the achieved results will be presented in seminars and meetings to growing number of teachers and non educational multiplicators and mediated by the website of the network.

During the course of the project the COMCULT-network will grow partly organized by COMENIUS 1 and 2.1 projects.

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