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First of all a short explanation of what a "mailing list" is: Mailing lists consist of groups of people who communicate and discuss various topics and issues via e-mail. Everyone who has subscribed to a mailing list can send an e-mail message to it which will then be distributed automatically by the list server computer that controls the list to the e-mail address of every other subscriber of the list. In this way it is very easy to dicuss different topics with hundreds of other subscribers by only sending out one e-mail to one particular e-mail list address.

EDUVINET currently only maintains one mailing list. The intention of the list is to enable people to discuss education related issues by e-mail using the automatic mail delivery features of the list. Please do not send private e-mail messages to the list or messages that do not cope with the intentions of the list (e.g. commercial advertisements, etc..).

To be able to use the list you will first have to subscribe to it. This is done in the following way:

You subscribe to the list by sending an E-Mail to the list administration address of the list server computer which is: . The E-Mail has to have the following text in its subject line (not in the body ! everything in the text body will be ignored): subscribe .

You unsubscribe from the list by sending the following command in the subject line of an e-mail to the same address: unsubscribe .

(Open the "new message" window in your e-mail client programme and then type:)

Subject: subscribe
Do not write anything in the text body space - it will be ignored !

(Now send this e-mail.)

Please note that you can only unsubscribe successfully from the list when you use the same e-mail address as the sender address you where using when you subscribed to the list !


After successful subscription you can now send your discussion contributions to the following e-mail address of the list:

Your e-mails will then be automatically distributed to anyone else on the list as explained above.

Do not send your messages to the administration e-mail address of the list ( . This address only handles the administration issues of the list (e.g. subscribing and unsubscribing).



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