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EDUVINET is an initiative to promote the use of the Internet for teaching and learning in and between European schools through the development of exemplary teaching content, teacher training and a variety of other supportive measures.
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EDUVINET Didactically and Methodically

• Curricula Internet and Teaching Questionnaire

EDUVINET Link Collection

• A Link Collection leading to education resources on the Internet ordered in the following different sections: Teaching subjects, Schools, Institutions & Education Servers, Curricula & Pedagogical Aspects, European Information Society.


News and new things on the EDUVINET Server

• Please visit the homepage of the SERVITEC project which is hosted by EDUVINET. SERVITEC develops training modules for service technicians in the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning sector. The first modules are already available online.
• If you like the EDUVINET idea you can support the project by downloading an EDUVINET Logo and place it as a link on your own homepage.

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