Subjects for a computer enabled communication
between students in the year 2000

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By the EDUVINET Team, 1999

Contribution to EDUVINET Didactically and Methodically: Internet and Teaching


Welcome all colleagues!

Following on the experiences of the EDUVINET project team with the work on topics that were drawn up as suggestions for student activities on the Internet, the team has come up with a list of new topics for the year 2000 for students in different countries to use to exchange and compare ideas.

1. What forms does racism take in your region and what can be done about it?

2. How does state influence on energy prices ( e.g.fuel, electricity ) affect

  1. consumption
  2. production costs
  3. transport infrastructure
  4. use of transport
  5. promotion of various forms of energy ?

3. How do cars affect the quality of life? Give reasons for your opinions.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of energy? Discuss.

5. How do national stereotypes originate and what is their function or role?

6. What are the consequences of tourism in different countries for

  1. the economy
  2. the environment
  3. society ?

7. What importance does learning foreign languages have for you?

8. What effects will expansion of the EU to the east have on

  1. the economy
  2. our institutions
  3. social conditions and
  4. state security ?

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