Subjects for an Internet communication between
students of different schools in the EU

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By the EDUVINET Team, 1998

Contribution to EDUVINET Didactically and Methodically: Internet and Teaching



Welcome all colleagues!

The EDUVINET team has been working with colleagues from other schools interested in the project to come up with further suggestions for transnational co-operation.

During the project in 1997 - 1998 students made their contributions on living conditions available on Internet. For further development of an exchange of ideas, we would like to suggest the following seven topics:

1. Role of the family: Reality, expectations

2. Future after school

3. Leisure activities: How do you spend your free time (weekdays, week-ends, holidays)?

4. Violence in schools: size of the problem, reasons, solutions?

5. Human rights: Who should be given political asylum, who not?

6. a) What does nationality mean in your country?
b) Is this a suitable concept for the future?
c) Is a European citizenship desirable?

7. What advantages and disadvantages does the EURO have?


There are various ways of organizing this exchange of ideas.

  1. After relatively short preparation the pupils could express their opinions on the various topics in the EDUVINET forum and open them to discussion. (opinion level)
  2. It would also be possible for participants in the forum to draw up questions that pupils elsewhere could answer. (opinion level)
  3. With longer preparation time more complex considerations (e.g. 1 - 2 pages) regarding the suggested topics could be worked out to add to the initial collection.

The contributions to the forum and collection of opinions on living conditions of young people should help to widen their experiences beyond geographical and political boundaries. The exchange of ideas would be facilitated by using English

Colleagues should -perhaps together with their pupils- evaluate what topic is of particular interest and can be dealt with taking into account concrete circumstances and the amount of time available.

The EDUVINET project team looks forward to lively discussion with other schools in Europe.


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